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Spring house party


Provide spring flower arrangements for a house party using customer's own containers
Colours to compliment the fireplace and pink tones in the room.
Arrangements need to be unobtrusive as the room will be full of people – leave room for the wine glasses and canapés!
Tulips arranged in a jug
Tulips and hellebores with deep red foliage of acer palmatum,
heart shaped epimedium, and flowering stems of exochorda 'The Bride'.
Flowers in a jug and cup
Tulips and hellebores again, with sprays of viburnum 'fragrans'
and tiny red and cream epimedium flowers
Large arrangement
Large arrangement (about 80cm tall and 1 metre wide) of tulips with amelanchier and viburnum blossom, sprays of lilac, deep red acer and marbled sword shaped leaves of arum italicum pictum